What is a Micro-Phlebectomy and What Can You Expect Post Procedure

February 8, 2017

What is a Micro-Phlebectomy?

A micro-phlebectomy is removing veins surgically through a small incision.


Dr. Bush marks patient for a micro-phlebectomy.

The area is scrubbed with hibiclens soap and sterile drapes placed.


A local anesthetic called tumescent is injected at each marked area.

Removing a vein with a surgical hook through a small incision.



We then apply dermaka cream to treated areas. We apply cotton rolls, ABD pads, kerlix, coban, ACE wrap, & tape. The patient wears the dressing till morning, showers and then will wear thigh high compression stockings for a few days to a week. (15-20 mmHg)


We use Sigvaris compression stockings!