What is the treatment for venous ulcers?

January 14, 2017

If you google ‘venous ulcer treatment,’ you will find many different opinions on what is the best treatment for venous ulcers. Your doctor might recommend wound care with compression therapy.

Venous ulcers can be quite painful and are usually found on the anterior or medial lower leg. Venous ulcers are related to high pressure in the venous system of the leg. Common causes of high pressure include reflux in the superficial or deep venous system. Reflux means that the valves in your veins are not working correctly. As the pressure gets high in the veins, the blood flow is reduced at the skin level and a breakdown in your skin may occur leading to an ulcer.

It is best to see a Vein Specialist to evaluate you and do an ultrasound of both of your legs.

One way to treat the ulcer before doing any other procedure, is to correct the underlying cause by injecting foam sclerotherapy to the veins in the ulcer bed. This will reduce the high pressure in the veins near the ulcer so that the ulcer can heal.